Our company offers basic computer tuition in your own home. The tuition covers using word processing and using any other office packages.

We will also teach you how to use the internet successfully covering emails and web browsing and even to the extent of creating your own basic personal webpage. We will also teach you how to use peripherals such as printers, scanners and digital cameras, and how to store files from these correctly.

We will also advise you and give you information on anything else you may need to know. Tuition is available in hourly sessions with a discount for more than 6 hours. You can choose how many sessions you require and what you think you need to learn about.

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Online Tuition 1 Hour
If you would like to know how to do something new we could give you online tuition. This could be email, internet browsing, shopping online, printing, internet phone calls theres many more.

Online Tuition Extra Hour
Although lots of basic tuition normaly take an hour other things can be more complicated. if we think it will take longer we may need an extra hour but we will tell you about this when we know what you would like to learn. If you would like to book more than one lesson to save money use this option.

Onsite Tuiton 1 Hour
If you would perfer on site tuition then use this option.

Onsite Tuition Extra Hour
Extra hour if required for onsite tuition.

Online Tuition 30 Mins
30 mins online tuition.